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from the mind of critic-5/24/18

From the mind of critic: “If laws are only as meaningful as their enforcement, are we inclined, and by some opinion required, to push our actions as far as we can until we’re stopped? Is passing laws without enforcement the ultimate government token response? Is it the most extreme example, of do as i say not as I do? Most of us could agree, there are some areas which need laws passed, and others that need to simply be enforced. Where we differ is in the details, which laws need to be enforced, and which need to be dismantled. Sometimes our thoughts can shift within this framework, depending on if our party is in power, or where we see the country headed. Once we realize selective law enforcement only intensifies when we reach elected office, we’ll see that if we see that if we want less corrupt politicians, we must stop allowing ourselves to be corrupted. The more blatantly politicians skirt the law, the more we should look in the mirror and ask why. Finding balance between freedom, justice, equality and reasonable law enforcement, is the skeleton key to life. If we have a problem with the other guy breaking the law, authenticity demands we speak up on our guy for the same reason. If democracy requires eternal vigilance to survive, so to does our soul.” 🙂
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