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from the mind of critic-5/25/18

From the mind of critic: “Does change jingle in our pocket to remind us it’s there, jingling faster as we move forward? Does it jingle louder the higher value of the coin, making it’s possible actions more apparent even if they’re less in number? Does it jingle louder the lower its value, greatly enhancing the number of possible actions because the coins are greater in number? Does the value of change or number of coins guarantee its useful effect, or do we have to go out and actually spend it? Many big changes need to be made to ensure soicetal health, along with even more smaller changes to ensure its sustainability. Identifying what needs to be done, and issues that need addressing is the first step. If we view this first step as our destination however, we’ll continue to remain stagnant in our growth, as the rut we’ve settled into gets deeper and deeper. Once we realize identifying needed changes creates an escape ladder, but for those changes to physically manifest we must climb the ladder, we’ll see that talking makes walking possible, but walking makes talk meaningful. Change only has meaning, when we take action. The need for change can be loud, but becomes quieter when we get off our ass. Walking the walk starts with the first step, but doesn’t end there. Realization ushers ulitilization. Our heart and mind must be symbiotic, for our journey to be authentic.” 🙂
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