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from the mind of critic-5/3/18

From the mind of critic: “If we set our goals higher than we believe acheiveable, is it motivation to try harder? Do we further all decisions if they help us acheive our goals, while negating all which don’t? Do we surprise ourselves with our focus, honing in on only what’s important? Do long shot goals set us up for dissappointment, by making us believe something which doesn’t contain one iota of evidence? Are we let down when our preconcieved notions are proven true, or do we tell ourselves “I told you so?” Do we wish we wouldn’t have set goals in the first place, because the intense heartache we currently feel would be non existent? If the world and life itself are basically chaos, there is no definitive way to tell the future. This doesn’t stop us from wanting to acheive, if anything it makes us more determined to move forward, even if our path is unknown. This unknown is scary because there is no guarantee of success, but there are no guarantees of failure either. Even if we fail, which evidence pointed that direction when we started, we will forever have regrets if we don’t try. It’s hard to admit this amidst failure, no regrets is an extremely non-sufficient replacement for the heartache we feel. Once we realize effort doesn’t guarantee success or even happiness, but does increase our chances, we’ll see success only finds us when we let go of outcomes and failures. Failure becomes satisfying, if we stop trying. Expecting the worst doesn’t prevent heartache, it invites it. The unknown is scary, but not as scary as asking what if. The only curefor heartache, is time.” 🙂
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