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from the mind of critic-5/4/18

From the mind of critic: “If insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, is determination defined the same? Does determination mean overcoming odds previously thought impossible, by trying and trying and never giving up? Does being insane mean doing somehting over and over without thinking of process or results, working off pure in the moment animal instincts? Is the only difference between insanity and determination critical thought, or some other subjective adjective? None of us are perfect, none of of us make infallible and omnipotent decisions, no matter how much we espouse the concept. We can be insane at times and we can be determined at times, we can even be insanely determined. Once we realize we’ll never be permanent residents of either side, but we can lean one way more than the other, we’ll see the more we critically think of results, strategy, tactics, optics, passion and self-esteem, the less insane we’ll be, and the more determined we’ll become. Insanity and determination might have the same definition, but they differ from person to person. We’re determined to succeed, when we critically think of how to get there. Insanity and determination depend on perception. Passion can make us insane, if focus eludes us.” 🙂
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