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from the mind of critic-8/11/18

From the mind of critic: If assembly requires us to read directions, was the author of the directions completely objective in their dictation? Are they steering us toward something they want, disguised as something we want? Does this wolf in sheep’s clothing make it harder to spot the game until it’s to late, and we’ve constructed the exact thing we didn’t want and have always dread? Have these continous episodes of being misled colored our thinking, sewing mistrust and cynicism, that any directions will actually construct what we want to construct? Is the key to the illusionists game part and parcel of the old Hitler line, tell somebody a lie long enough, and they’ll begin to believe it. Does mistrusting our own thoughts and intuitions cause our present day ignorance, and low self esteem? There are many things we know how to do, and many more things we don’t. The objects, events and porcesses we aren’t familiar with, require us to seek help. Sometimes this help comes in the form of directions, which can be written, typed or voiced. Once we realize many lost souls try to decieve, hoodwink, bamboozle, and downright lie, cheat and steal, but not all of them do, we’ll see that to erect our personal filter to tell the difference, we must not only know what we want and need, and be able to picture it, but also realize our humility informs us we don’t have all the answers, but we have some, just like every other human. If we’re not infallible, niether is anyone else. Trusting our intuition, means trusting ourselves. If cycnicism breeds ignorance, openness breeds knowledge. The exact reason we help our fellow humans, is so they will be willing to help us. Life requires assembly, but so does understanding.” 🙂
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