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from the mind of critic-8/15/18

From the mind of critic:                 “When deciphering whether it’s the beginning or the end, or the end of the beginning, how can we tell the difference? Is there a way to get a black and white answer, when deciphering if a good thing is leading to something bad, or vice versa? Are we sabotaging our search when we look for a definitive answer, because all the variables which determine that answer, haven’t fully played out? Does putting the cart before the horse, make the horse trip and fall, or does it build strength in overcoming adversity, by forcing the horse to make a split second decision to leap over the cart? Change can be hard no matter how much we prepare, but it always has and always will be inevitable. We all know our beginnings if we’re mindful, but we’ll never know our end until it arrives. The most we can do is put ourselves in the best position to succeed. We do that by remembering we go through many beginnings and ends throughout our journey. We may call them steps, stages, lessons, or infinite other terms to help us comprehend the concept. Once we realize beginnings and ends are only determined through life experience, which changes from moment to moment, we’ll see that we may picture a certain end, but that end is never assured before, only after. Change can be hard, but the only way past is through. When we consciously move forward, it’s only the first end among many. Trusting the process isn’t blind faith, it’s pure consciousness. Joy will only find us, if we consciously remember what’s important.” 🙂

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