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from the mind of critic-8/16/18

From the mind of critic: “If everything happens for a reason, how do we make an informed determination? Do we endlessly over analyze every bit of information that graces our periphery, believing it’s the only way for reasons to appear? Do we see all the information we’re inundated with, but ignore it, believing reasons are always there, but will only appear if we don’t think about them, because it would inherantly change the reason’s definition? Do we believe reasons are simply subjective, which change from person to person, and perspective to perspective? Life is basically chaos, and we do what we can to make sense of it. Some of us believe there’s reasons for things that happen, others don’t. Once we realize, that whether we believe there are reasons for all things, that there are, we just might not have them or ever find them, we’ll see if we over or under analyze, we’ll always miss what we would have seen, if we had just been as mindful as our soul requires us to be. If reasons can be objective, so can facts. The moment we believe ignorance is bliss, is the moment we’re okay with being controlled. Definitions change, as knowledge is gained.” 🙂
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