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from the mind of critic-8/17/18

From the mind of critic: “If there’s no such thing as a stupid question, are there stupid answers? If we ask questions for the sole purpose of gaining information we don’t have, do answers seek to convey information truthfully, or do they seek to skew the questioners perceptions, by relaying false information menat to expressly benefit the answerer? Do some questions distract, while some seek knowledge? Do someansweres distract, whileothers seek to impart knowledge? Is there a foolpooof way to tell beforehand, or is everything a case by case basis? When we’re younger, typically we think we know eveyrhting, and don’t need or want outside input. When we’re older, typically we believe we don’t know everythinig, and need all the outside uinput we can get. I say typically, because some of us take longer or shorter stints to enter and/or get through these stages, and sometimes they aren’t even recognized, or even attempted. That said, we should never generalize, because the truth is usually the opposite. If there are folks that know more or less than us, which there always has and always will be, we must never fog the truth, because we’d be blocking information. Once we realize the word stupid is subjective, we’ll see there is no such thing as stupid questions or answers, only distraction, ignorance, knowledge and consciousness. If we’re afraid to ask, are we afraid to know? Distraction will be our downfall, truth will be our uplift, None of us are stupid, just at different levels of our journey. We’ll never know everything, but we always know something.”

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