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from the mind of critic-8/21/18

From the mind of critic: “How can we make sense of our collectively inherant chaos, if it’s nonsensical by definition? Is there a universal way to boil down life’s neccessities, or because we’re all unique snowflakes, it means we all have unique neccessities, and trying to boil them down to one universal truth, only makes the chaos metastisize? Does the chaos itself make us forget we’re human, by leading us away from the natural world, and into a materialistic one? Remembering we’re human along with everybody else, is how we poke through the chaos. I say poke through, because we’ll never be able to delete it from civlized society, but we can make it more obvious by pointing out it’s distractive and destructive powers. We all need food, water and shelter to survive. We all need love, companionship and purpose to thrive. Remembering we all have these same needs, and can only achieve them if we help each other not block each other, is how we evolve. Life can be hard, but become easier when we remember what makes it worth living. Truth does exist specifically because lies do, not in spite of them. Are we lost, or just not where we thought we’d be? Chaos becomes discovery, when we’re ruled by our conscious mind.” 🙂
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