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from the mind of critic-8/22/18

From the mind of critic: “When the sinew in our bones ache that something has gotta give, what do we do in the meantime? Do we guage our decisions and aim our actions toward making a situation happen, forcing something to occur which was inevitable anyway? Do we refrain from taking action, because our decisions drive us toward survival and self preservation, no matter how detrimental and soul killing they might be? Do we lose it a little more and more everyday as our situation gets worse and worse, until we make a conscious choice to change our current trajectory? Do we hope for the best, even if evidence points in the exact opposite direction? Is this a fool’s errand, or a last ditch effort to keep some semblance of our character and humanity? There comes a time when we realize we can’t change everything that happens, but we can change our reactions. Once we add this to our belief structure, we realize our minds can play tricks on us, making us think we can’t change something, when really we can. This is when it’s most important to look inside, and become more familiar with what our soul needs to survive. If we ignore this step in favor of relying on hope, we’ll lose all control, and will become the soulless, mindless robots corporate America wants us to be. We always have a choice, thinking we don’t feeds the illusion of power. Standing up for ourselves isn’t stupid, it’s courageous. Our soul gains back what we’ve lost, once we remember what’s actually important. We prevent our soul’s deletion, by taking care of ourselves through constant self kindness.” 🙂
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