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from the mind of critic-8/24/18

From the mind of critic: “If we have so many “human resources” that we need a whole department to manage them, is it because we lack the necessary skills? Does the chaos of life obliterate our critical thinking, showing us all our resources at once, and the infinite ways they can be utilized, dissemintaed, destroyed, mutated and mutilated, but also preserved and cherished? Does this chaos cause us not be overwhelmed but focused, boiling down what’s really important, what’s not and what’s distraction? Is the overwhelming feeling not from an overabundance of human resources, but from lack of use and unfamiliarity? There are different categories of human resources, which include physical, mental, spiriitual and financial. All with their own definitions, actions and consequences. What makes it more chaotic, is even if we’re lucky enough to figure ours out, ours is unique to all others humans, and all of ours can change an infinite amount of times throughout our journey, as we gain life experience. Once we remember each of these categories are infinitely different in scope, but all work the same way, we’ll see chaos is not caused by bombardment of our ever changing characters definition, but by a lack of the knowledge we all conatin within our soul. Truly knowing ourselves, means personally dealing with our personal human resources. Chaos is powerful, but not as much as focused knowledge. Having a human resource manager is like having a life manager, ignornace feeds it, self worth erases the need. Physical resources are stripped, when human resources are non existent.” 🙂

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