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from the mind of critic-8/26/18

From the mind of critic: “If we repeat a lie so frequently others begin to believe it, do we follow suit? Do we think in order for the lie to be believable, we must live it? Do we find ourselves uttering these falsehoods so often, it becomes our life? Is there a diference between telling a few lies many times, and many lies all the time? Do we tend to let our guard down after hearing the same crackpot thing over and over, but raise our guard when the number of diferent lies rises exponentially? In the age of truthiness, mis-information, fake news, double speak, double think and violently unapologetic narcissism, it’s hard to decipher and decode what’s real, what’s fake,and what’s meant to distract us from the illusion of power, further entrenching the elite’s power. The best thing we can do is take everything with a grain of salt, the good and the bad. That way we never dupe ourselves into thinking we 100% know exactly what’s going to happen. There always has been, and always will be people in this world who look to tear down others, but also some who build others up. It’s part of the balance of life. Once we realize it isn’t possible to pick out every lie, but if we’re mindful enough, universal human truth will greatly increase our odds, we’ll see that if we pay more attention to what’s done instead of what’s said, we’ll be distracted less, empowered more, and will never elect another facistic babyman again. When lies become common place, truth becomes elusive. Distraction become knowledge, through education. The truth is like ripping off a bandaid, the pain is temporary, but necessary. Do politicans continously lie, because we continously lie to ourselves?” 🙂
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