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from the mind of critic-8/28/18

From the mind of critic: “If we want everything done and handled yesterday, are we admitting nothing will get done and handled tomorrow? Is the extreme rush we create, born of bad choices and procrastination? Does our continual nature of putting things off when we have plenty of time, to a time when when we have no time, cause quality to plummet, because we’re trying to do things as fast as possible? Have we not been procrastinating, but simply are so chiseled into instant gratification, that hard work and patience have not only been deleted from our culture, but the entirety of collective human society? Discovering in real time the grass is always greener, is completely universal among all our individual journeys. This finding can cause us to go one of two ways. We can realize there will always be others who accomplish more than us, regardless of the work they may or may not put in. This causes us to put in the hard work required to reach our potential, which includes patience. Things can and will happen, even if it changes form. We can also attempt to catch up to our neighbor, by overworking and overstressing ourselves to reach some arbitrary level, that will surely change by the the time we get there. This effort can either break us from overwork, or cause us to be so overwhelmed that we don’t do anything, and hope and pray things just happen, bringing us extreme ire when they don’t. Realizing we haven’t done things yet, is the motivation we’ve been looking for. Where we’ve been and where we’re going is important, but won’t matter if we don’t take care of where we are. Wasting time, is defined as waiting till the last second. Avarice and greed are deadly sins, specifically because humility and hard work are virtues.” 🙂
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