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from the mind of critic-8/29/18

From the mind of critic:               “Does paying it forward move us forward, whether wilingly or unwillingly, while paying it backward moves us backward, whether willingly or unwillingly? Does doing good for others, help us evolve in our understanding, which motivates us not only to bigger and better things, but into more mindful, kind and accomplished humans than we ever thought possible? Does doing bad to others devolve our understanding, not only lowering our self esteem and belief in what’s possible, but mutating our belief of what’s different, because we don’t accept ourselves “as we are”.? Does our movement depend on our conscious or unconscious choices, inherantly moving us in the wrong direction than we prepared for? Just like everything in life has 2 or more sides, so does the concept of projection. If we feel less than, we want others to feel less than that. If we feel joy, we want others to feel it as well. Where the lines get blurred, is when we don’t share our joy by holding onto it, thinking we’ll never have joyful moments again. We can also keep our pain bottled up, which boils over into hate and violence, because we never learned how to reasonably and peacefully let off steam. Once we realize paying it forward adds to our character, while paying it backward only moves things in reverse, we’ll see being conscious of our thoughts and mindful of our actions isn’t always easy, but evolution of the collective human spirit never is. When we pay it forward our ignorant choices, become conscious actions. We do good for ourselves so we can do for others, not in spite. Remembering our truth is the end all be all, will help us fiond the truth. If we don’t care about others, nobody will care about us.” 🙂


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