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from the mind of critic-8/30/18

From the mind of critic: “Does TV lie, does radio, movies, books, magazines and all other media lie, does government lie at every level, because we lie at every level? Do these lies overwhelm all the truth occuring daily, causing us to forget the positive negative balance, which caused us to recognize a lie in the first place? Is it the volume of an argument that fills our perceptions, or is it the contents which stick out causing us to determine its definition? Is it niether the volume nor the contents, but our perceptions going in which colors our thinking, helping us determine what is and isn’t authentic, and which can’t be configured beforehand? We’re bombarded with so much information in our current human culture, it’s hard to tell what’s true, what’s false and what’s distraction, without determining our mindset before we begin our analyzation. This can cause us to tune out and turn off, because everything is so overbearing and overwhelming. Breaking things down into bite size chunks so our critical thinking returns is vital, because we weren’t built to process everything at once, but can process a few if we try. Once we realize not everything is a lie or a truth, but everything can be a distraction if we let it, we’ll see we’ll never be perfect, but the more mindful we are of our decisions and actions, the less all or nothing will enter the equation, allowing us to stay in the middle where the majority of humanity lives. Life is never either or, it’s and. Thinking truth doesn’t exist is like thinking the sky doesn’t exist, it’s always there no matter what color or form it displays. Media and politicians lie because we do, they will also tell the truth for the same reason. If we follow without thinking, we’ll be brainwashed without knowing.” 🙂
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