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from the mind of critic-8/9/18

From the mind of critic:                 “If our hotel key card doesn’t work to go in our room door, was it us that caused the malfunction? Did we have it too close to our phone or keys, which caused it to stop working? Was the key originally programmed for only a certain number of days, which we have surpassed? Did the front desk make the key stop working, because the door is presently meant for somebody else? Do we always know which doors are meant for us? Do they open easily, or do they take monumental effort? A plethora of doors will present themselves during our journey, some are meant for our highest good, some for our lowest bad, and some are meant for others entirely. Discernment is only gained through experience, because doors reveal their true meaning when we’re mindful enough. When we do determine a door is meant for us, their will be a key. A moment or an event that provides the door’s intention, letting us know if the key will work. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, and the reasons why can be as numerous as drops of water in the ocean. Once we realize determining the right door is only the first step, and trying the key is the second, we’ll see the third step is walking through, which is only possible when we link the right key with the right door. Every door has a key, we just need to determine when we’re the keymaker. All doors have a window, but not all windows have a door. The skeleton key to any door, is our consciously, action driven soul. Keys and doors are useless, if we don’t walk the walk.” 🙂

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